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From one Political Science major to another

From one Political Science major even to a new one Natalie Young ’16 selection job interview Jack Howard ’79 For college students who are part of the Eisenhower Institute(EI) At Gettysburg higher education, Making links and meeting the world movers and shakers is the norm. Chamber of trade. Two Gettysburgians referred Howard time at Gettysburg and his career in government service, Working beneath the presidencies of President George W. Bush rrn addition to serving as senior adviser to Speakers Dennis Hastert and Newt Gingrich and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. Natalie younger: What does your each day schedule look like? Jack port Howard: This will depend on any given day. Ordinarily, Mondays are taken up with some other meetings at the Hill office or in the headquarters. I will pay out the better part of Monday explaining what bills are coming up, What bills could very well pass, Things we must work on, And what other divisions of the Chamber I need help from to get the votes to pass rules. My job was to stay on top of when the bill was, Hits the mark is votes were, The outcomes Members we were having, And then make tips to the people inside the Chamber about the strategies and tactics to get the votes to win. The following thursday, The House and Senate are back in session and there may be meetings with various members of Congress on different issues. There are hearings on priorities related to the Chamber legislative priorities. That the same thing for Wednesday and Thursday I commute between the House and Senate. I also have a variety of internal meetings, At the same time, So I also commute to headquarters. Moreover, there are dinners to go to, Other lunches and breakfasts. It varies, But generally focused on what happening on the Hill. By the end at the time Thursday, Family workers have flown home, Unless they in session over the past weekend. So Friday is spent taking a the pieces, Checking out the progress made or lost, And working on plans for one more week. It hard to say there a type to it Gareon Conley jersey, There is however a rhythm. I learned a long time ago that you have to stay flexible sebastian janikowski jersey. You just never know what going to take place. B: How have your talent from Gettysburg College helped you in your career trajectory? They would: On the academic aspect, What I really took away from it was the ability to write well and also take things and synthesize it in a way that you can communicate. Is best write, Explain well, And work web-sites, You can enable you. I got a lot of value out of my fraternity experience leadership skills I learned I apply to this job day by day. I had a some internships. And intern for two months. My junior year I had another internship and really got a sense how the place works. So I say the fraternity and the internships were worth points of my college career. Gym: What were your most important classes? Who were your most important professors? L: It hard to pick one kind of like having to pick the kid. Prof. Joe Nyitray taught a category about presidential or congressional[Questions]. He was a great professor passionate, Extremely knew his stuff, And liked to dare his students. I say he was one who stood out the most because it was the area I was most looking into. The other one i must say is Prof. Mike Birkner only agreed to be starting when I was a senior. I really enjoyed his classes and I stayed in touch with him on and off recently. Ful: What has been your best professional experience you had you do over again in a heartbeat? They would: That a tough situation. I am very fortunate to had a job with a lot of very exciting members. Trent Lott. Newt Gingrich. They good people. Both shrubbery michael crabtree jersey. I think the most consequential experience was probably working for Newt Gingrich when he led the Republican takeover in the House in 1994 was pretty ingenious. The Republicans had been in the community for 40 years Many people thought House Republicans were the permanent minority. Newt didn and lots of things came together under his leadership. It shook this town to its core when Republicans took power over Congress. Individuals were stunned; It was very important. I was a small sector of his staff when he was Whip were five or six of us, And then we found ourselves working in the Speakers office driving a intention agenda. Working in the White House is very good kind of exciting. You get to see up close and how people are making decisions, And when the moment, You realize people are just trying to do the right thing under a whole lot of pressure every day. And the stress never goes away. I was in the White House on sept 11, 2001. Just watching the lead designer having to rise to the occasion know, That a pretty outstanding thing. Ful: What is your advice for rising Gettysburgians? L: Study something you seek out really the value of a liberal arts education. Study something captures your imagination and that you like learning. Although it not in a field you pursue, You’ve got to carry that spark with you in whatever job you have. Community that ability will take you some way.