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Teaching other ways of being and doing

Schools and universities are not defined by time and space. They define borders and they ensure that whatever is learnt, while nourishing the roots of the country on which they stand, does not hinder the student’s quest to learn of other ways of being and doing. In this vast, interminable world, we can’t afford to know what we can grasp immediately: we must go beyond borders, grasping everything that is useful and in the process, nurturing our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our compatriots. Universities serve an important function in this regard, no one should doubt that.
KIU, or the KAATSU International for Undergraduate Studies, is an ambitious venture transcending borders but defined within the context of our cultural ethos. It is a Higher Education Institute, yes, but it promises to deliver much more than a traditional University can or will. With a mission to become the Number One such institution operating in the private sector in Sri Lanka and an unyielding commitment to serve discerning students as a fully-fledged public service, KIU is set to rise at a time when everything near and far appears uncertain, unwholesome, and unpredictable.
KIU currently operates four Faculties: Health Sciences, Management, Education and Languages, and IT and Computing. These four Faculties, in turn, are subdivided into 12 Departments: Accounting, Ayurveda, Biomedical Science, KAATSU, Medical Science in Acupuncture, Nursing, Psychology, Human Resources, Marketing Management, Early Childhood Development, Languages, and IT and Computing. With a formidable Advisory Board, Academic Council, and Senate, including the founder of KIU Dr Jagath Seneviratne, there’s little to nothing that critics will be able to contend against the academe of this unique Higher Education Institute.
Given this scope, it’s only natural to give the best facilities an aspiring institution of this sort can. From a fully packed library boasting of over 5,000 volumes, audio and video equipment, and Wi-Fi, to a state-of-the-art auditorium easily able to accommodate 550 persons, to a recreation area where you can play chess, carom, or any other such light, intellectual sport, to a gym, and to a digital laboratory, there is much that the aspiring student can avail himself or herself of. Envisioning a huge student hostel in the future, KIU promises to offer you a home away from home. You may contact KIU on 0112741878 [email protected] or refer their web
Added to all this is another stark fact: it is a Green Campus. Dr Jagath is the President of Green Cross Sri Lanka, which has started and is already operating several well intended initiatives to ensure access to clean drinking water and energy in Sri Lanka. The KIU website aptly quotes the Green University Initiative Committee at NTNU on this count: “The concept of green university demands not just the incorporation of a spirit of sustainability into university operations, curriculum planning and daily life on campus; it likewise means providing assistance to the university itself, the community, the society in general, the country and the entire human race in facing a sustainable future through teaching, research, innovation and campus activities.”
In short, if you are looking to study a language or pedagogy, this is the place to go. If you are looking to study a subject like Marketing or Accountancy, this too is the place to go. While aiming to ensure stable, secure careers for their students, the management of KIU in no way wants to sustain the untenable divide between hard and soft subjects, a laudable initiative by all accounts.

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