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SUPPLY CHAIN EDUCATI0N at ISMM : The leading professional and recognised institute

Founded on 24th October 1972, the Institute of Supply and Materials Management (ISMM) is the leading specialized institute which fosters, the professional development of Purchasing and Supply Chain education in Sri Lanka. It was registered as a company under Section19 of the Companies Ordinance in 1978 with the Registrar of Companies. Recognition of its expertise lead the ISMM to receive membership of the Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka in 1976 and two Past Presidents of ISMM have been elected as Presidents of the OPA. ISMM was incorporated by Act of Parliament No 3 in 1981. ISMM is affiliated to the world body – the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management encompassing 44 national associations having more than 200,000 professionals engaged in Purchasing and Supply Management. ISMM is also affiliated to the International Trade Centre (ITC) which is the technical co-operation agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) for operational enterprise oriented aspects of trade development. ISMM is the one and only body which posses the license to promote the principles of International Supply Chain Management and authorized to conduct Courses in International Supply Chain Management under the Modular Learning System in Sri Lanka on behalf of ITC. Geneva.
The Ministry of Public Administration by their Circular No 46/90 (i) dated 20th June 1994 recognised the Corporate Membership of the ISMM as equivalent to a First or Second Class Honours Degree relevant to the field of Supply and Materials Management awarded by a recognized University.
ISMM main thrust of activities from the inception was the training of supplies chain management personnel at all levels. ISMM has trained more than 15,000 practitioners in the field of procurement and supply chain management. There are nearly 1000 Diplomates who have successfully completed the Diploma Course conducted by ISMM which enjoys a wide recognition in all sectors having a heavy input of procurement and supply chain activities. Training is also given at grass-root level and over 12,000 stores personnel, including Store-keepers, Stores Managers and officers engaged in Purchasing, Inventory Control, Import and Export trade, Shipping and Clearance work have successfully undergone training so far.
The extensive range of services rendered by ISMM includes the up-to-date training programmes, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Consultancy Services to organisations needing specalised services in the supply chain functions.

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