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CDC’s consultancy expertise ensures that dreams for Australian migration kept alive

With nearly two decades of successful growth as the leader in Australian migration consultancy, the expertise and careful migration plan designs provided under the supervision and personal attention of the dynamic Managing Directress Unee Samanthika Pathirage, has ensured the dreams of countless hopeful migrants have come true. As the GSM visa challenges emerged for the year 2016/2017, the CDC has now prepared itself to meet these changes by adopting new methods and strategies to ensure that the dreams of their valued clients are not left unfulfilled.
The CDC advises its clients to embrace the new system where patience is a must if an applicant is to reap the rewards that are sought. In light of how the Demand Lists change in rather short periods of time the old system of preparing the visa pathway by surveying the availabilities in categories of current Demand Lists is no longer the best practice.
Vital documents such as skills assessment, IELTS results (preferably with 7 in each band for the primary applicant), spouses skills claims, and related work must be on standby mode with round the clock vigilance on matters that affect Demand Lists changes which can vary due to legislative changes, occupational ceilings, policy reforms and also trends in the demands lists. At the heart of the new method is planning ahead, preparing ahead of time, and playing out the waiting game for opportunity to open up so the winning dash can be made at a split second’s notice.
The Regional Demand Lists now have constant changes with absolutely no prior notice and this can cause some serious issues to hopeful migrants to Australia catching them unawares and creating a dilemma. Within a very short time a new set of skills will get introduced and require within a very short time frame to prepare the documents to enter the application process.
An example of this new quick change situation can be seen in when the QLD (Brisbane) State migrating plan was published on 28th July which saw subsequently the Demand List being temporarily suspended due to an overwhelming number of applications from IT professionals. What was offered was actually a very rare opportunity for IT professionals and many applicants of the CDC in that category were successful in getting thorough the QLD nomination process and receiving their visa invitations. This opportunity was a breakthrough for the CDC as a massive number of longstanding applications got through after being held up for years without any signs of getting through. The change that occurred subsequently to the list was on 15th August as the second list was introduced with a significant number of changes made to the categories of occupations with IT categories and Engineering Technologists were terminated from the new list.
Another matter of note was on September 1st as Canberra established their State Migration Plan (SMP) for 2016/2017 and on 13th September they closed the application acceptance with further notice being due in 2017. But the CDC strategy has now been devised to meet these unpredictable changes and face these kinds of sudden situations that may seem critical to the laymen.
Except for a few regional areas, most of the regional demands lists have been published for the programme year 2016/2017. The CDC has now identified the high risk and low risk regions and tries with maximum effort to ensure to design migration plans for applicants aiming low risk areas which have less policy reforms as well as skills in demand variations where applicants can leisurely proceed with their applications with no tension till the end. If an applicant is comfortable with applying for a remote area then the previous method can still be used to an extent as in more remote regions the fluctuations in demand lists are not frequent and can be approached in the old fashion way.
The CDC wishes to announce that demands for business managers and farm managers remain stable and due to the excessive selection strategy that South Australia implemented for IT occupation creates promising grounds for IT professionals with proficient or superior English competencies with lengthy work spans. Previously South Australia’s IT occupation quota was dominated by borderline applicants with just 60 marks and the massive application competition was intensely reduced due to the current selection system introduced by them which bodes positively. School teachers who are into administration and security managers, IT professionals, engineers, environment officer’s construction professionals and many more are encouraged as per the new trends observed by the CDC to consider applying as their chances are good.
CDC with its continuous commitment to making dreams of hopeful migrants come true is always prepared to meet tight application deadlines, pay constant vigilance on demand list variations/ updates, and ensure that not a single applicant will go unnoticed. Quick money and hidden agendas have never been the basis on which the CDC has conducted its business with its customers who are always guaranteed upfront answers without false promises. Friendly and professional service that is committed to ensure the client’s dream comes true marks the secret of success behind CDC’s strides of success that have been blessed with continuous growth.

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