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350 New APIIT Graduates take on the world

The most anticipated day in the life of an undergraduate is the day on which they are conferred the degree for which much time and effort has been sacrificed. Understanding the significance of this day, APIIT has consistently ensured that the annual graduation ceremony surpasses all other events in its academic calendar bymaking it the most glamourous and joyful day in the lives of its students.
The Convocation of the Graduating Class of 2016 was held at the BMICH on the 16th of December, where 352 students walked across the stage to receive their awards. The event was graced by Mrs. Christine Slade, Director Partnerships, Staffordshire University, UK. The academic andnon-academicstaff of APIIT were present in full force along with representatives of the more than 2000 graduates that make up the APIIT alumni.
APIIT takes pride inthis group of graduates, most of whom, like their predecessors are already gainfully employed by the time they graduate. These are not merely individuals who carry paper qualifications; they havebeen molded by a modern curriculum not only geared to the needsof industrybut also focusedon personality development and professionalism. Surely, they are individuals who will hit the deck running when they enter industry and have the strength of character to successfully facethe challenges of the 21st century. No doubt that the graduating class of 2016 will add to the positive industry feedback that APIIT has been receiving consistently over the years.
352 students have qualifiedthis year from the Schools of Computing, Business and Law. 45of these students graduate with a First Class Honours. Also among the graduates today are 6 exemplary students who have excelled in their respective streams of study. The awards ceremony came to a close following the award of gold medals to these 6 men and women who bring great pride to APIIT.
While acknowledgingthe years of hard work put in by the students,the multitude of ways in which each of these students have been supported by their parents, friends and families was deeply appreciated. This event is also a celebration of the immeasurable love and care shown towards our students by these amazing individuals which no doubt made the process of successfully completing their studies that much smoother.
The graduating class of 2016 joins the illustrious APIIT Alumni, many of whom hold top positions in industry both here and abroad. Many an alumnus has returned to APIIT as guest lecturers and industry experts to engage with the current student and impart knowledge gained from their experience in industry. We hope that the members of today’s graduating class will also return to APIIT in a similar way and enrich the lives of future undergraduates.
The staff of APIIT Sri Lanka, along with Staffordshire University and APIIT Malaysia wish each and every member of the graduating class of 2016 hearty congratulations on their magnificent achievement today and all the very best as they step out into the world as qualified, capableand dignifiedprofessionals.

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