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Aside from Via Varejo, other potential takeover targets include

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canada goose outlet sale Other Brazilian appliance retailers trying to sell themselves face similar obstacles as some investors say their traditional playbook of brick and mortar outlets with lots of floor space and slow inventory turnover looks increasingly unsustainable.Casino has held preliminary, non binding talks with about half a dozen potential bidders since Via Varejo formally went on the block in November, two people familiar with the plans said.Whatever the outcome, old problems could await Via Varejo new owner as Brazil No. 1 appliance chain wrestles with the burden of oversized stores, tight credit and an aging business model during Brazil worst recession ever.Casino, Falabella and Americanas declined to comment.Without changes to that business model, Casino could struggle to find a buyer for the 43 percent stake it holds in Via Varejo, and efforts by other chains to sell themselves and end years of over borrowing and internal conflicts could also prove fruitless, investment bankers and industry players say.Aside from Via Varejo, other potential takeover targets include Brazil No. 2 appliance chain, So Paulo based Mquina de Vendas SA, which has failed attract a minority partner for the past two years, another person with knowledge of the matter said. canada goose outlet sale

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canada goose sale LONDON, December 11 (Fitch) The US bipartisan budget proposal announced on Tuesday signals an improvement in the functioning of budget policymaking, Fitch Ratings says. It suggests a lower risk of further political brinkmanship around budget policy precipitating another government shutdown or debt ceiling crisis, which would damage the US economy and perceptions of US sovereign creditworthiness. But the proposal does not increase the federal government debt ceiling, which Congress will need to raise again by 7 February to give the Treasury the borrowing capacity it needs to meet its payment obligations and avoid further recourse to extraordinary measures canada goose sale.

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