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The schoolgirl is ready to leave behind her family to be with

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cheap nfl jerseys Coronation Street viewers praise Mary as she opens up about rape to Bethany and stands up to evil NathanMary tried to stop the schoolgirl from leaving by confronting Nathan about his disgusting behaviour20:32, 19 JUN 2017Updated20:40, 19 JUN 2017Get soaps updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailCoronation Street viewers have praised brave Mary Taylor after she confronted evil Nathan Curtis as he attempted to take Bethany Platt abroad.Bethany was attempting to flee Weatherfield with Nathan in tonight’s Corrie but Mary tried all she could to stop the sick pervert from taking the youngster away.The schoolgirl is ready to leave behind her family to be with the twisted child groomer and gets into his car cheap nfl jerseys unaware that he plans to sell her in Belgium.Mary opened up about her own rape ordeal before standing up to Nathan but he appeared to threaten baby Harry.Corrie’s Chesney Brown finally gets his girl cobbles actor Sam Aston surprises girlfriend with sweet proposal(Photo: ITV)Bethany got upset as she packed her things while looking after baby brother, but was sent into panic when she couldn’t find her passport, which mum Sarah cut up last week to stop her leaving.As she was about to leave, Bethany got a visit from an unexpected visitor, Mary, who became suspicious after spotting her bags.Bethany admitted she was running away to be with fiance Nathan, who is apparently “kind and funny” and loves her.Mary warned the youngster that what Nathan is doing is wrong and opened up about her own rape ordeal which led to her getting pregnant with son Jude.Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt will go on “brave and heartbreaking journey” as she escapes clutches of evil Nathan(Photo: ITV)She said: “The truth is he was an opportunist and what he saw wasn’t someone that he loved or even liked very much. It was someone who didn’t think much of herself and could be manipulated. There was no love Bethany cheap nfl jerseys.

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